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Cross Country Skiing – Our Shop is located directly on the „Tauernloipe”“

Tracks free of charge, perfect for Beginners!

Directly from our Shop Intersport Wagrain on the slopes

Just leave your car at the carpark, or get off the Skibus, put on your cross country skiis and get going. This easy to intermediate track is 50 km long and goes from Wagrain through the whole “Salzburger Sportswelt”.

Tracks free of charge, perfect for Beginners!

Wide, open areas and four tracks offer the perfect conditions.

The usage oft the tracks is free of charge!

Rental for Cross Country Equipment and Cross Country Teachers

We have equipment for classical cross country skiing as well as skaters in our shop!

Rental prizes:


Tipps for Beginners

Cross Country Skiing looks quite easy, so many beginners may start off on the „wrong foot“.

But like every other sports it is important to learn the technique right, so you are safe and efficiently on your way.

We will gladly arange for a Cross Country teacher for you.

Cross Country Skiing in Wagrain and Salzburger Sportwelt:

  • Cross Country Track: „Tauernloipe“ (50 km)
  • Cross Country Track: Wagrain-Kleinarl-Jägersee (10 km)
  • In all there are 220 km of tracks in the “Salzburger Sportwelt”

MAP of the tracks:

Cross Country tracks in Wagrain and the “Salzburger Sportwelt”





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