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"A very plesand team and shop!"

Ina Groeneveld / Sleeuwijk (NL), 10.04.2019

"The best ski shop!!"

Fam Jörgensen /  Säve (S) , 04.04.2019

"Was great again, like coming home, till next year!"

Dos / Breukelen (NL), 26.03.2019

"Always great staff, treat you like old friends family. We had an injury and were given a lift to to our Accomodation tonget the car. Always great to ski and use intersport at the roter achter!"

Dominic / Bourne (GB), 11.03.2019

"It is always nice to come back to the shop every year."

Jano / Sorø, (DK), 28.02.2019

"Everything was perfect, as usual ! We come back."

Monique / Tervuren (B), 17.02.2019

"Friendly attitude and useful advice on the part of the staff. Thanks a lot for everything!"

Gabriel / Timisoara (RO), 11.02.2019

"A very plesand team and shop!"

Mike / Kopenhagen, (DK), 10.02.2019

"I have always received good and professional advice. The service on my skis has always been fine."

Tina / Jüllinge (DK), 07.02.2019

"Very friendly staff! And no problem at all to change ski boots for larger ones or wider ones in case feet were hurting."

Sandra / Mijdrecht (NL), 04.02.2019

"Thanks for the good service"

Daniel / Londerezeel, (B), 02.02.2019

"I found the staff very helpful. I have a plate in my ankle and they recommended a pair of Ski Boot's which were very comfortable for the whole week."

Stan / Crowborough (GB), 01.02.2019

"SUPER Service at tjek in and tjek out."

Mads / Hinnerup (IT), 28.01.2019

"Really very helpful and friendly staff who recognised us from previous years. It was like meeting old friends again."

Paul / Ipswich, (GB), 22.01.2019

"Great offer to try good ski’s while my own ski’s were being prepared."

Diede / Amsterdam(NL), 18.01.2019

"The people at the hireshop are very friendly. The people cash desk could be more friendly by saying to us : "Thank you" !!"

Marjin  / Lisse (NL), 14.01.2019

"I am very happy with the help and the people in the shop."

Jan / Barendrecht, (NL), 08.01.2019

"Its every year nice to see how friendly and competent the sales team is. Next year we will be back."

Berinda / SK Markelo (NL), 02.01.2019

"Everything was fine. And staff was very competent and friendly!"

Michael  / Almere (NL), 28.12.2018

"Perfect service and friendly."

Andre / Haaksbergen, (NL), 26.12 .2018

"We have always rented for last seven years there and the staff are so helpful and are great with our kids now to"

Nick / Crawley (GB), 25.12.2018

"This was my first ski trip and the guys in the shop were really helpful. Always friendly and greeted me with a smile and a chat. Would recommend 100%."

Joanne  / Crawley (GB), 22.12.2018

"All the employees of the shop are friendly en know a lot about the equipment."

Ila / Sint-Michielsgestel, (NL), 18.12 .2018

"Everything was OK. Always so happy to come back every year ! Thank you."

Monique / Teuren (B), 12.12. 2018

"Everything perfect"

Anneliese  / Give (DK), 22.02.2018

"Over all a good experience. We came saturday afternoon. many people in shop and a bit caotic. We had difficulties finding out where to go in the shop in order to get help."

Jens-Jacob / Kolding, (DK), 22.02.2018

"Very pleased with your shop, thank you."

Fam. Norgaard.  / Sønderborg (DK), 22.02.2018

"We had a great week last week at the mountain ! Your service is great and profesionel. Nice and helpfull people in the shop. Good products. The lockerroom is great and efficient. Next year we will come over for the fourth time. We already looking foreward to that! Thank you ! Fam vd Belt"

Johan  / Zetten (NL), 22.02.2018

"Kenneth is fantastic"

Carsten / Kastrup, (DK), 22.02.2018

"Everything was fine!"

Eline / Oeselgem, (B), 21.02.2018

"I love to be in this shop :-)"

Jan  / Nakskov (DK), 21.02.2018

"Always friendly and good service. Looking forward to see you next year 😛 "

Michael / Fredericia, (DK), 21.02.2018

"Very kind people in the shop!"

Johan / Lebbeke, (B), 20.02.2018

"The skies were oké but it was expensieve. We hired for 5 persons for 3 days. We did not get any discount"

Karin / Borne, (NL), 19.02.2018

"II would definitely rent equipment from this shop again. The staff did everything possible to help in a competent and friendly manner."

Gabriel  / Timisoara (RO), 11.02.2018

"There was one thing, as I made the early booking, it wasn't concerned, so I paid €3 more...Not a big deal but... Most of the other things were very good."

Izabela / Zabrze, (PL), 08.02.2018

"It was verry nice that you had a danich man in the shop."

Kjeld  / Vejen (DK), 07.02.2018

"It was very nice and unexpected that one person in the sales team talked danish. Very nice that that equipments can be storaged at your place during the week, so we didn't had to take it back to the appartment. All was very good - best service every!"

Line  / Hejnsvig (DK), 07.02.2018

"Top skies k2"

Kris / Heuden, (B), 04.02.2018

"Continue in the way your are doing!!"

Wim  / Son (NL), 31.01.2018

"Very good service as always :)"

Lars  / Bogense (DK), 31.01.2018

"Awesome service!!! "

Chris / Kopenhagen, (DK), 30.01.2018

"There should be option to buyout a skies :)"

Klemen  / Brezovica (SLO), 22.01.2018

"See u again in December 17, your shop is best in town!"

Kim  / Kopenhagen (DK), 18.03.2017

"Very often in your shop, very nice and friendly stuff!!"

Marie / Amsterdam, (NL), 14.03.2017

"Compliments to the team as they have been everyday amazingly friendly and helpful. Its has been a joy being helped by them. Great atmosphere. I have been wondering how they keep up all season long! Next I definitely come back to this Intersport!"

Jan  / Barendrecht (NL), 08.03.2017

"It was a great opportunity to test skis during two hours at the service of my own skis."

Eric / Brugge (B), 06.03.2017

"See you next year"

Peter / Helsinki (FI), 05.03.2017

"Rented some ski boots for 2 days,staff couldn't have been more helpful . Short waiting time,not charged for that afternoon, tried boots on a couple of runs and needed to change them as uncomfortable. Technician found me an alternative pair with no hassle. Brilliant!"

Susan / Sharpthorne (UK), 03.03.2017

"More to chose from when equipment to langlauf is essentiel"

Lars  / Bagsvärd (DK), 02.03.2017

"Very friendly staff."

Lars / Bogense (DK), 23.02.2017

"Very friendly and helpfull!!!! "

  Marije / Roelofarendsveen (NL), 15.02.2017

"I hope to ser you next year sometimes . Say hi to the schöne Birna from me Semir she provided the best service and help :* :p kind regards"

Semi Kadric  / Slagelse (DK), 03.02.2017

"Our boys wanted both ski and snowboard and I think it is a good service that they can come and swap from skis to snowboard. Thank you for that. We always get a good service when we rent equipment at your InterSport Rent. "

Tina / Jüllinge (DK), 01.02.2017

"This is the 4 time un two years that we come back to your shop"

Yael Segal / Givon (ISR), 31.01.2017

"We came on a Thursday morning which may explain why there was no que at all, but regardless of this I found the staff extremely friendly (especially the tall bald guy). I had to change my skis because I was not too happy with the first pair, but I got a very good service when I came to change skis. If I should recommend any initiatives it would be that when people come to pick up skis, then a brief talk about what kind of skis we want (length, firmness etc.) would be good - this would have given me the right skis in the first place. But in general, all staf at the shop (at rental, at counter, everywhere) extremely friendly - a pleasure to shop there. I will return for sure."

Palle  / Svendborg (DK), 27.01.2017

"Friendly sales team, quick service, really a good shop! " 😉

Joohan  / Hasselt (NL), 25.01.2017

"Your shop is the most professional and consumerfriendly shop in the alps. This is the 8 or 9th time My family rent by you and we will continue to do so when we go on vacation in Wagrain area B/r Mattias Hall'en"

Mattias Hallén / Ystad (S), 17.01.2017

"Perfect" 😉

Marianne Hansen / Fanø (DK), 16.01.2017

"Great staff, great equipment, a special thanks to the guys in the ski service area who always treat you like old friends!" 

Dominic Owen / AL York (UK), 15.01.2017

"See you next year. Thanks. "

Beerend / Breda (NL), 10.01.2017

"Like every year, great service with a smile. Thank you. Servus.. "

Camiel / Maarssen (NL), 01.01.2017

"Professional Shop and very helpfull Stuff"

Andy M. / Malmö (S), 27.12.2016

"We came to rent from the same shop every year. We will come back in January with our family!"

Fam Segal /  Givon (ISR) , 25.12.2016

"Just a perfect team and equpments. "

Fam. Alkoby / Jerusalem (ISR), 24.12.2016

"Good and competent service"

Kim Holböll / Jyllinge (DK), 30.03.2016

"The best ski shop!!"

Fam Jörgensen /  Säve (S) , 29.03.2016

"It is not our first time.We always will come back to your shop"

Fam. Segal / Givon (ISR), 08.03.2016

"The people they help us are always very friendly en full of jokes"

Fam. Klapwijk / Hoogvliet (NL), 07.03.2016

"Very friendly staff. To hot in the shop though, but that's maybe because of the waxing"

Olga Jansen / Amsterdam (NL), 06.03.2016

"I am very pleased with the way things went. So see you next year"

Rene Snel / Leusden, 05.03.2016

"Your chap taking care of services to 'problems' with own boots, listened and acted upon the information. He clearly explained and showed by model demonstration the effects of the issue explained and tried to resolve the problem. New insoles were fitted, slight modification to the inner boots made and a much more comfortable days of skiing were experienced. As well as professional he was charming, fun and had an excellent command of English. Thank you"

Michelle  Mikkola / Vantaa (FI), 01.03.2016

"I got great help when I bought a pair of skiboots during the week." 🙂

Kristian Skoglund / Tormestorp (S), 02.03.2016

"Many thanks to the professional staff"

WAHLSTREM / Helsinki (FI), 29.02.2016

"The team do always take the time to speak and joke, and they do what they can to support you"

Conny Lauren / Give (DK), 25.02.2016

"A very plesand team and shop!"

Ina Groeneveld / Sleeuwijk (NL), 10.04.2019

*****"Really good service! I will be back next year!"

Gregory Watson / Ipswich (UK), 26.02.2016

"Thank you for looking after us so well. I can't remember the name of the guy who helped us each day but he was amazing! He was at your store at the Red 8 in Wagrain and my skis were stored under number 141 last week. Maybe you can identify him from this information and let him know my feedback. Thanks Kathryn"

Kathryn Moran / Harrow (UK), 24.02.2016

"We want to thank you for your hospitality en kindness and help. You are all interestet in the people who rent ( a nice word etc) , not in the product to rent or to sell! It made us want to come back to Wagrain. Hope to be there next year."

Johan van de Belt  / Zetten (NL), 17.02.2016

"Service was very good. Because of a back injury we had to break off our ski holiday. We got back our payment without any trouble. Thx!"

Jelle Bruyn / Leusden (NL), 10.02.2016

"I hope to ser you next year sometimes . Say hi to the schöne Birna from me Semir she provided the best service and help :* :p kind regards"

Semi Kadric  / Slagelse (DK), 03.02.2016

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“I am very happy with the help and the people in the shop.”,

Jan / Barendrecht, (NL)

“Everything was OK. Always so happy to come back every year ! Thank you.”,
Monique / Teuren (B)

“Very pleased with your shop, thank you.”,


Fam. Norgaard.  / Sønderborg (DK)

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