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Custom Footbed

Ideal Adjustment Through Thermo Forming

Your foot will be in a neutral position because  of an individually adjustable sole (shoesole formed with warmth)

Skiboot and Foot become a unity

The gap between your foot and the boot will be bridged, so both form a unity.


This also reduces signs of fatigue, because the whole foot is supported and pressure and weight are spread evenly.


The patented material of the sole is very light, durable, shock absorbing and waterproof.

Form Fitting in only 15 Minutes

The form fitting of an individual footbed takes only about 15 minutes.

We will do this for you while you comfortably enjoy a cup of coffee.

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Fam. Norgaard.  / Sønderborg (DK)

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Monique / Teuren (B)

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Jan / Barendrecht, (NL)

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