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Skiboot problems – what to do?

Skiboot-Service directly on the slope!

Hurting feet while skiing can spoil/ruin the best day of skiing.

Our location is your advantage

Thanks to our location directly next to the piste, it couldn’t be easier to pay us a visit for a few fine adjustments to your ski boots. Once these are done, try them out on the nearby slope and come back again if there is anything which still needs changing. We will only be satisfied once you have the perfect set-up.
If you buy a ski boot from us then we will fit and adjust it until you are 100% happy!


A wide forefoot or a high instep can be some of the reasons. It could also be your inner or outer anklebone, or your shin bone. Even a deformed outer ski boot or a badly fitting inner skiboot can be to blame.

The most common problem areas:

1 – First and last metatarsal

2 – Bone head

3 – Heel

4 – Basis of the 5th metatarsal bones

5 – Keilbein on the footstep

6 – Ankle

The following complaints are the most common:

  • Pressure mark/ oder pressure points
  • Burning soles
  • Nofoothold/footing in the ski boot
  • Cold feet
  • Cramping feet
  • Painful shin bone
  • Skiboots are hard to close
Adaptation from Inner Skiboot

Whatever the cause, we can help you:

  • Computerized/computer controlled foot analysis
  • Individual sole/foot bed
  • Removal of pressure points/pressure marks
  • Widening and stretching of ski boots
  • Moving of skiboot buckles
  • Selective or widespread widen of the outer skiboot (shell)
  • Volume reduction of the inner skiboot
  • Thermo forming of the inner skiboot
  • Wide product range of aids like GelPads, antibacterial shin bone bandages, blister bandages…
Adaptation from shell:
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