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Snowshoes – enjoy the nature

Enjoy the nature…

Take a look, buckle them up and head out! People who enjoy hiking in snowshoes are often nature lovers, since this is a kind of slow motion winter sport. Step by step, you overcome the mountain while training your stamina and leg muscles very effectively. You can enjoy the triumph of reaching your goal even more if you’re in a group.


Do you remember?

How you sled down the steep mountain for the first time as a child? But daddy held you very tight! Now you’re all grown up and want to sled with your own children or with your friends. Sledding is great fun and it is most entertaining when enjoyed with others. Want to race? Who will dare take the jump?

Toboggan runs in the area:

Toboggan (Lengh in km) including mountain inn:
  • Seitenbauer – 3 km
  • Kleinarler Hütte – 6km;
  • Jausenstation Ennskrax’n – 3km; illuminated at night
  • Brennhüttn – 3km, illuminated at night
  • Munzenhof – 3km,  illuminated at night
  • Sattelbauer – 4km, illuminated at night, closed on mondays
  • Winterbauer – 2,5km, illuminated at night
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