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Boots: Best fit, best comfort at INTERSPORT Wagrain

One pair of perfect ski boots, please!

If the ski boots fit, everything fits.

A great day out skiing only happens with the perfect equipment. Skiing performance starts where power transfer, skiing technique and well-being come into contact with the slopes: at the feet.

Would you like to rent ski boots?
Then rest assured that you will find the right pair in our huge selection of different brands and models. By the way: Hygiene is of course one of INTERSPORT RENT’s top priorities! After a pair of boots has been returned, it is cleaned and dried using the most modern equipment.


Or would you rather buy a new pair?

Ask the Rentertainers for a foot analysis to adjust your boots perfectly! With the SKI BOOT FITTING, pressure points and cold feet are a thing of the past.

Nowadays, feet are no longer crammed into ski boots, it is quite the contrary: Ski boots by Atomic, Salomon, Fischer and co. are adjusted to your feet.

Boot fitting helps avoiding pressure points and foot weariness, while ensuring good circulation.

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“Very pleased with your shop, thank you.”,


Fam. Norgaard.  / Sønderborg (DK)

“Everything was OK. Always so happy to come back every year ! Thank you.”,
Monique / Teuren (B)

“I am very happy with the help and the people in the shop.”,

Jan / Barendrecht, (NL)

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